LACONI Youth Services Conference, Illinois

I really enjoyed meeting everyone and sharing ideas at the LACONI Youth Services Conference. Thanks to Kathy Fredrickson for asking me and to the La Grange Public Library and its staff for hosting. It was a great day!

As we discussed, here's a copy of the presentation with the notes. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions about any of the content or if you need additional information.

Don't forget to check out my Teen Spaces Flickr site and several of the other resources on this blog that I mentioned in the session.

I was really inspired by several of you who asked questions and came up to talk with me after the session. Best of luck on all your projects and keep thinking BIG for teens!


  1. It was a fantastic presentation, Kim. I hated it that I had to leave early. It was wonderful seeing you again!

  2. Thanks, Amy! It was so great seeing you (if only for a little bit). Best of luck with all your endeavors and keep in touch please!

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