More on Collaboration Spaces

 From left to right:  Pamela Vaughn (Springville PL, UT)
Traci Lesneski (MSR Design), Me, Janet Nelson (Demco)
Julie Miller (Butler University, IN)
What a nice turnout at our ALA 2014 session on creating collaboration spaces. Lots of ground was covered on the various types of collaboration spaces and how to plan and create them in libraries of all types, sizes and budgets. Hopefully everyone came away with at least one good idea or tip. Thanks to all my co-presenters and to those who attended.

As we promised, here's a copy of our presentation as well as a copy of the "Digital Creation Space" planning handout created by myself and my associate Matt Gullet.  As always, don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions.  And, don't forget to send me photos of your projects. I always love seeing what people accomplish!


ALA Annual 2014

For anyone attending ALA Annual in Las Vegas this June, I'll be conducting some free 1:1 space planning sessions. Register here. NOTE: If my time slots are full, email me directly.

Also, on Saturday, June 28 from 1 - 2:30 in the Las Vegas Convention Center (room N243), I will be part of panel presentation discussing Developing Collaborative Spaces.  Would love to see you there!


Breaking Out of the Library Mold, in Boston and Beyond

Nice article in the New York Times titled, "Breaking Out of the Library Mold." It primarily talks about the upcoming changes at the Boston Public Library, but it also does a nice job showing how libraries, in general, are transitioning.  Check it out!


Sachem (NY) Public Library's Revamped Children's Library - In Progress

This is one of my latest children's space projects in progress at the Sachem Public Library, NY. The video shows the Burgeon Group interactive wall installation.  Our team planned and designed their entire new children's area to open soon!  Thanks to Lehner Designs, Marisa Amara, and Burgeon Group for an awesome collaboration.  Stay tuned for more.


Interesting Products

Just thought I'd share a few interesting products that some friends have recently shared with me.

We've been doing a ton of children's space design lately so I've been in the market for interesting design ideas.  My friend and colleague John Strasius from Perkins+Will Architects recently sent me a pic of balloon lighting.  Inspirational!  Thanks John.

What do you think of Bram Boo's four-seat, iPad-equipped Salsa Table?  I must say, I'm not quite sure what to make of it.  It certainly looks cool.  I love the incorporation of iPads into library space.  We've been doing quite a bit these days with iPads in our children's spaces, but this design seems to lend itself more to pre-teens and teens.  I'm curious about the ease of maintenance and security with the technology.  My biggest hang-up with the product is the white finish.  I think it will look good for a few weeks (maybe even months), but then....mmmmm...not so sure.  Who knows...maybe Mr. Clean magic erasers would do the trick.  I've seen some pretty unfortunate interior design situations involving white furnishings in several European libraries.