Orion Township Public Library Renovation - Phase 1

I just received some photos from our client and friend Karen Knox, Director of the Orion Township (MI) Public Library. Kimberly Bolan and Associates has been partnering with Karen and her team over the past few years on both strategic planning and facilities planning.

Karen's compiled images showing the results of Phases 1 and 2 of their 3-phase space redesign project (on a budget). Phase 1 included a remodel of their lobby and implementation of a new service model (smaller service point, self-serve check-out and holds, and more).  Phase 2 involved a complete redesign of their children's area with collections, spaces, and interactive elements for ages 0 - 12.

Phase 3 begins this month with the revamping of the rest of the library. Stay tuned for more!


MLA 2015

We really enjoyed giving this presentation at MLA 2015 in Worcester, MA this week. Thanks to everyone who attended. Here's a copy of the presentation. Enjoy and email me at kim@rethinkinglibraries.org if you have questions.

Stay tuned for the furniture vendor list that I promised. I'll be posting it soon.


New Quiet and Active Spaces at Sachem Public Library, Long Island, NY

Collaboration Space / 20-30 Something Area (top)
and Independent Study / Quiet Area (bottom)
One of our long-time clients recently collaborated with us to create new quiet and active spaces in their 3,000 SF mezzanine area. Originally, the mezzanine was full of 90" high stacks. After conducting a full collection analysis and meeting with community members, the Sachem staff decided that public needs had changed. Two new priorities set forth were the creation of: 

1.  A collaboration area geared at 20 and 30 year-olds

2.  An independent study/quiet space for all adults

"The Loft" collaboration space includes a variety of powered furniture, mobile pieces so areas can be rearranged as needed, mobile white boards, mobile flat panels with plug and play technology for group work, and a mini Makerspace.

The study/quiet space includes a new type of study carrel on casters with built-in sound baffling. Soft seating with pull-up work tables are also included here.

The two areas are separated by the remaining 90" stacks to help baffle the sound. A change in carpet pattern also helps define each of these new spaces. For a few "during" photos refer to Sachem 2014-2015.  The space is anticipated to be finished in Spring 2015. More photos to follow then.


2014 New York Library Annual Conference

Rob and I were so pleased to present, yet once again, for the Leadership and Management Section (LAMS) at the 2014 NYLA Annual Conference. We hope everyone took away at least one tip from our presentation titled, "Your Future, Your Library" or, lovingly referred to over the years as, "21 Ideas for 21st Century Libraries." Don't hesitate to let us know if you have questions or need anything to help you along as you strive for library greatness.


Flip-through Picture Book Shelving

Palmieri board book
browser bins used in the
Sachem Public Library's (NY)
Children's Room renovation.
Back in 2012 I posted a brief overview and resource guide on flip-through / face out shelving for children's books in libraries.  To date, it has been one of my post popular posts.  Because I continue to get emails and questions on a regular basis, I wanted to share an updated guide with you. Of course these are only a few options available in the marketplace, but it gives you a good starting point.

Note that several of these products have been used in Kimberly Bolan and Associates projects, so let me know if you have any further questions as you conduct your research and evaluation your options.
During the Plainfield Public Library's (IN) Children's Room renovation,
we replaced existing flat shelves with steel browser bins.
We also cut down their existing wood end panels to child size.
Note: Typically we remove the wood canopy tops when we do this,
but Plainfield chose to keep them and say it's working out well.