Great times in Massachusetts!

Thanks to all the wonderful people in Massachusetts for the warm welcome and wonderful stay during my week-long workshop tour. Special thanks to all the workshop participants, Carolyn Markuson, Rolf Erikson, Beth Gallaway, and Vickie Beene-Beavers.

As promised, here are copies of the notes from my teen spaces workshops as well as my alternative collection development for adults and teens.

SEMLS and Metrowest Presentations:
Young Adult Standards: Facilities (Teen Spaces, Cool Places Teen Spaces)
If You Buy It & Market It, They Will Come: Alternative Collections for Libraries

New England Educational Media Association (NEEMA) Presentation:
Teen Participation in Facilities Design
The Ideal Teen Environment: What Teens Need and Want

Beth Gallaway has also posted to the Metrowest blog - Metrowest News

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