ALA 2010

As promised, here are copies of my two presentations from this year's ALA conference: Teen Space: Design with Economy and Top Library Building Trends.

Thanks to @librarian_cyn who tweeted about me -- "Great library space is more than furniture and architecture: service plan must come first!"

Among other things, I know a few of you had specific questions about digital creativity and content creation. I've been working on developing planning tools on this topic and have several colleagues throughout the U.S. who have collaborated with me on this type of thing. See too my 6/21/10 post on the Transformation Lab and the Aarhus Library in Denmark.

If you have further questions or need additional assistance in this area (or in any other facilities planning area), don't hesitate to contact me.

Also, many of you asked for copies of Supporting the Next Generation of Public Computing, the LITA Public Library Technology Interest Group presentation Rob and I coordinated. Just click on the presenters name to access each presentation. Thanks again to Chuck McClure, David Leonard and Rob Caluori for being on the panel.

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