Listening / Sound Domes

In my May 25th YALSA Podcast with Linda Braun on Teen Space (Podcast #21) I said I would post some information on listening domes. Here it is!

A few libraries that have installed listening domes include Waupaca Public Library (WI), Spartanburg County Public Libraries (SC), and Schaumburg Township District Library (IL).

For additional information visit Brown Innovations at www.browninnovations.com or Sound Domes.com at www.sounddomes.com


  1. The problem with removing the sound for the library is that they a prone to crazyness. My experience with Grinnell College sound booths is that soundproof means to college students "please have sex here." Although I like the audio quality I worry that you could fit more people into a sound dome that you could into a sound booth.

    Isaac Huffman

  2. I'm not sure I'm understanding your comment, Isaac. Sound domes and sound proofing are not synonymous. I'm also not sure what you are categorizing as a "sound booth." Sound domes are generally out in the open and can be very effective in preventing the type of behaviors you are concerned about. Can you give me more details on your "sound booths."

  3. This is a little off topic, but I didn't know where else to leave this comment. We have a vending area in our library that I think would benefit from some sort of a dome over the top of it. My hope is that the dome would have a sound-reducing effect so that the wild laughter that results there after school wouldn't travel up and across the ceiling of the library to land at the Reference Desk.

    I know that's NOT what your post was referring to, but was wondering if you knew of any such a product?

  4. Suzanne - Feel free to contact me directly at kim@libraryexperience.com and we can discuss. The domes don't "sound reduce" as you guessed, but there are other things you can do to help reduce sound in an area.


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