Kevin King is Huge (in Alaska)

My friend and colleague Kevin King recently presented two terrific workshops at the Alaska State Library Conference. During "The four S's of Teen Services" Kevin spoke about effective and quality services to teens based on the four "S's" - Support, Staff, Space, and a Stash of cash. I unfortunately could not hear this talk as I was presenting on wireless technology at the same time with Rob Cullin in the room next door. Kevin told his audience that all the "cool" people were at his presentation, pointing out that I was in the next room doing a computer geeky thing. Although...he did proceed to give me and Teen Spaces a nice plug. What a comedian he is!

I was lucky enough to attend Kevin's second session, Comics and
Graphic Novels in the Library
. It was excellent!

In case you don't know Kevin, he is Lead Librarian in Teen Services at the Kalamazoo Public Library. Kevin also writes a monthly column for VOYA about teen programming called "Get with the Program."

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  1. Nice photo- Kevin I always feel short with those two, too!


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