Great Teen Stuff at Abington Community Library

The Abington Community Library (PA) is doing some terrific things in regard to teen space and participation. Recently, one of their staff members, Gisela Butera, attended a workshop of mine in Pennsylvania. She has reported to me that they took many of my suggestions and words of advice and ran with them. Gisela and I have been keeping in touch and I’m very excited to report some great news.

Their state senator, Bob Mellow, approved $5,000 toward their teen space project. They also have a $500.00 Wal-Mart grant that was given to the Young Adult area in June of 2006. In addition, Lowe's donated all the materials (down to the glue) to build a teen computer workstation. They had their carpenters put it together and they report that it looks fantastic. They also put two teen computers are in their 2007 budget! They are very pleased with the contributions of Lowe's, Wal-Mart and State Senator Mellow and how they came through in supporting the Library’s goal to create a young adult area for their teen customers.

Gisela told me that they took my advice to actively involve customers when designing a space and planning for change. In addition to getting general teen input on design, Leah Rudolph, Library Director, organized a contest with their Teen Board to help decide on the name of the teen area. “The teens loved the idea of a contest. It also brought them on-board in planning for the young adult area,” reports Gisela Butera.

Another tip they took from my workshop was working with a local furniture store. They contacted Julie Leslie from BMC Desks Etc in Scranton, PA and she helped them select teen furniture, lamps, and tables...at a great price.

And, last but not least, Gisela said that one important lesson she learned from me is to "just ask". You may be surprised by the response!

Congratulations to the Abington Community Library on all their accomplishments!

For more information contact:
Gisela Butera
Abington Community Library
1200 West Grove Street
Clarks Summit, PA 18411

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