Staff Space Revamps

I've recently had several inquiries asking for my ideas on staff spaces and quick revamps. Here are a few thoughts:

- Paint walls with a fresh, warm coat of paint and paint trim to brighten and add a sense of style to the room

- Add new cabinets and/or storage units

- Install new carpet or laminate wood flooring (and possibly an area rug)

- Replace table(s) and chairs with a new setting

- If space allows, add comfortable seating (i.e. soft seating) that coordinates with the new room

- Add curtains or other interesting window treatments

- Keep mechanical units (e.g. air conditioning and heating units) hidden from sight
- Add artwork to add to the comfortable feeling and avoid that institutional look and feel

- Make sure your wireless network extend into the staff area. Is there a computer for staff personal use?

- Purchase a small stereo or iPod docking station with speakers for staff to share and listen to music (under $100)

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