New Quiet and Active Spaces at Sachem Public Library, Long Island, NY

Collaboration Space / 20-30 Something Area (top)
and Independent Study / Quiet Area (bottom)
One of our long-time clients recently collaborated with us to create new quiet and active spaces in their 3,000 SF mezzanine area. Originally, the mezzanine was full of 90" high stacks. After conducting a full collection analysis and meeting with community members, the Sachem staff decided that public needs had changed. Two new priorities set forth were the creation of: 

1.  A collaboration area geared at 20 and 30 year-olds

2.  An independent study/quiet space for all adults

"The Loft" collaboration space includes a variety of powered furniture, mobile pieces so areas can be rearranged as needed, mobile white boards, mobile flat panels with plug and play technology for group work, and a mini Makerspace.

The study/quiet space includes a new type of study carrel on casters with built-in sound baffling. Soft seating with pull-up work tables are also included here.

The two areas are separated by the remaining 90" stacks to help baffle the sound. A change in carpet pattern also helps define each of these new spaces. For a few "during" photos refer to Sachem 2014-2015.  The space is anticipated to be finished in Spring 2015. More photos to follow then.

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