Flip-through Picture Book Shelving

Palmieri board book
browser bins used in the
Sachem Public Library's (NY)
Children's Room renovation.
Back in 2012 I posted a brief overview and resource guide on flip-through / face out shelving for children's books in libraries.  To date, it has been one of my post popular posts.  Because I continue to get emails and questions on a regular basis, I wanted to share an updated guide with you. Of course these are only a few options available in the marketplace, but it gives you a good starting point.

Note that several of these products have been used in Kimberly Bolan and Associates projects, so let me know if you have any further questions as you conduct your research and evaluation your options.
During the Plainfield Public Library's (IN) Children's Room renovation,
we replaced existing flat shelves with steel browser bins.
We also cut down their existing wood end panels to child size.
Note: Typically we remove the wood canopy tops when we do this,
but Plainfield chose to keep them and say it's working out well.

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