Champagne Dreams on a Minimal Budget

Thanks ot all of those who attended our session "Champagne Dreams on a Minimal Budget: Cost Conscious Library Space Designs" on Saturday, July 11 at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago. Norm Maas, Marilyn Genther and I had a great time and hope we were able to share some valuable information with you about budget conscious facility designs that work to meet today's public libraries changing service models. Thanks to LLAMA for supporting this program. I look forward to many more outstanding LLAMA programs in the future.

As promised, here are the .pdf versions of all three presentations. Please be patient as the files are large and will take several minutes to download. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.

Kimberly Bolan Cullin - Queens Library for Teens, Far Rockaway (NY)

Norman Maas - Norfolk Public Library, VA

Marilyn Genther - Mount Prospect Public Library, IL

Find even more on LLAMA's ALA Slideshare page.

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