Prince Aha Stools

Several of you have inquired about the funky stools you've seen in several of my photos. They are the Prince Aha Stools and are manufacturered by Kartell. They can be purchased from Design Within Reach. They're a very durable product according to several sources. Another vendor option is Hive.

Side note: An interior designer friend of mine said another stool she purchased from Hive called La Boheme 3 had some issues and didn't hold up well. She'd avoid La Boheme, but highly recommends Prince Aha. You might want to check out the Hive website for other ideas.

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  1. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Hi Kim- It's Heidi from Missouri (the sticker-giver!) I just wanted to say thanks. I wanted you to know that I laughed when I saw your photo because your Mountain Dew was posing with you! LOL. Thanks for all you do!
    Barton County Library
    Lamar, Missouri


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