Tech-savvy Gen Y also loves libraries

The new PEW study on library use seems to confirm what I've been saying for years... progressive technology, services, and youth-oriented policies by libraries creates more demand for those libraries.

I must say, it's all quite interesting and definitely food for thought. I do hear some of the same comments they reported in my focus groups, in particular from the older teens 16 - 19 year olds. What I really liked, and what I really feel is a widespread key point, is a quote that comes from StevenB on the ACRLog about libraries improving the overall user experience -- "I think it would help if the library, especially on our campuses, was a place people wanted to go—a destination—rather than a place they have to go."

See the following articles for more details:

Generation Y biggest user of U.S. libraries - survey

Where People Turn When They Need Information

Pew: Internet satiates but also creates "information hunger"

Young use library most despite the Net

See additional comments at: Ypulse

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