21st Century Library Design - Teen-Friendly Vendors and More

I've had many requests lately for vendor information in regard to 21st Century Library Design. In particular, people have asked me for "Teen-friendly" resources. Please see the "Teen Vendor" sheet listed under Kimberly Bolan & Associates to the right. In addition, here are a few purchasing tips:
  • Don’t make assumptions. Ask customers what they like & want before making purchases.
    Work with vendors who consider customer needs and likes.
  • Work with architects and designers who don’t assume they know what your customers and staff want. Choose someone who is open to working with internal and external customers and listening to their ideas and input.
  • Buy furniture, fixtures & accessories that incorporate color, comfort, flexibility, and unique design elements.
  • Remember that a library’s design “character” comes in many shapes and sizes.
  • When talking to vendors at library conferences, tell them what you’re looking for and if vendors don’t have what you want or they present the same old ideas, give them direction and tell them your needs and ideas. Give them input!

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